FEAR STREET | A Film Trilogy Event | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wanna hear a killer story?

In 1994, a group of teenagers discovers that the terrifying events that have haunted their town for generations ​may all be connected - and that they may be the next targets. Based on R.L. Stine’s best selling horror series, the trilogy follows the nightmare through Shadyside’s sinister history.

Watch the Fear Street Trilogy only on Netflix this July.
Fear Street Part One: 1994 - July 2
Fear Street Part Two: 1978 - July 9
Fear Street Part Three: 1666 - July 16

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FEAR STREET | A Film Trilogy Event | Official Trailer | Netflix

After a series of brutal slayings, a teen and her friends take on an evil force that's plagued their notorious town for centuries. Welcome to Shadyside.


  1. green melon

    green melon6 tuntia sitten


  2. I’m not Jewish

    I’m not Jewish8 tuntia sitten

    Me thinking this is stranger things 4

  3. महाभारत का रहस्य

    महाभारत का रहस्य8 tuntia sitten

    डरना मना है।

  4. Derek Bates

    Derek Bates12 tuntia sitten

    And, none of them have jack shit to do with the books. How disappointing.

  5. Order

    Order13 tuntia sitten

    I dont get it, whats the info of this series?

  6. Sylvia Barboza

    Sylvia Barboza16 tuntia sitten

    Finally a Rated R horror movie for R.L. Steins books! LETS GOOO

  7. Dr. DeVvrat Akheriya

    Dr. DeVvrat Akheriya17 tuntia sitten

    बहुत ही बढ़िया

  8. ZachMaster97

    ZachMaster9723 tuntia sitten

    One installment per week for a trilogy? I want this to be done with THE KANE CHRONICLES Trilogy from Rick Riordan.

  9. Roswell

    Roswell23 tuntia sitten

    I unexpectedly heard R.L. Stine...Now I have to watch it

  10. Desiree Soriano

    Desiree SorianoPäivä sitten

    I love the fear street saga. I’m excited to watch this. Not exactly the same but close enough.

  11. RYAN twetny1none

    RYAN twetny1nonePäivä sitten

    3 movies. Let's do a series on this or Goosbumps. RL STINE IS PURE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MAN IS A GENIUS.

  12. Branson Rakes

    Branson RakesPäivä sitten

    This could either go really well or really badly

  13. Jacob Fair

    Jacob FairPäivä sitten

    it's not a proper event unless there is homosexuality or some sort of SJW wokeness Whew! thankfully it's in there, tho 1:35

  14. dude person

    dude personPäivä sitten

    Sorry but you focus on politics wayyyyyy too much if you get upset over that.

  15. Dit is mijn club

    Dit is mijn clubPäivä sitten

    Stranger Things and Sleepy Hollow having a baby

  16. wE lOvE hOrOr MOvIeS

    wE lOvE hOrOr MOvIeSPäivä sitten

    I’m not kidding when I say this but I’m so nervous Sadie/Ziggy is gonna die she was casted in all movies but if you go to netflix and watch the trailer on there it’s a totally different trailer, they replaced some of the clips from this trailer for new clips which are way better. They also removed the violence in the trailer so kids can watch it I guess.. But there is just one clip that is getting me real nervous.. It’s the new clip on the netflix trailer where Sadie is running out her camp house or something with some girl.. I did say she was casted in part 2 and 3 tho so she will obviously live.. I’m just gonna be extremely sad and mad if she dies part 3.. Edit: I just realized I made a whole article about me being sad if she dies..

  17. Cobrass67

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  18. Partha Goswami

    Partha GoswamiPäivä sitten

    July 16 waiting

  19. Anar Huseyni

    Anar HuseyniPäivä sitten

    0:50 proof that if you are fat and with glasses in a horror movie you will definitely die

  20. Sreejan Guha Niyogi

    Sreejan Guha NiyogiPäivä sitten

    Someone call the Stranger Things gang.

  21. Daily Random

    Daily RandomPäivä sitten

    Just saw the whole movie.. Lol😅

  22. Aniqa Usha

    Aniqa UshaPäivä sitten

    Reminds me chilling adventures of Sabrina :(

  23. YoutubePlug

    YoutubePlugPäivä sitten

    mad max

  24. Aarohi

    AarohiPäivä sitten

    Trailer is Really Awesome 😍🔥

  25. Aarohi

    AarohiPäivä sitten

    It's happening again 👆 👌🔥😍💓 Dark's Series Dialogue Isn't it? 🤘🔥

  26. Count Remington

    Count RemingtonPäivä sitten

    Netflix: let’s do something scary and quality. AHS: hold my beers

  27. Music Nation

    Music NationPäivä sitten

    Wow max😍

  28. Bevin James

    Bevin JamesPäivä sitten

    Netflix subscribers beware! You're in for a scare!


    KLASSIK KUSHPäivä sitten

    Please make one for Bad Moonlight, my favorite Fear Street book, its about werewolves

  30. Tania Ferreira

    Tania FerreiraPäivä sitten

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  31. Sad -

    Sad -2 päivää sitten


  32. Sad -

    Sad -2 päivää sitten

    This reminds me of the Dark Anthology Series

  33. Ahmed Mujtaba

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  34. Maggie May

    Maggie May2 päivää sitten

    please let trixie and katya react to this ohmygod

  35. køde czora 133

    køde czora 1332 päivää sitten

    Looks good

  36. Anthony Villalta

    Anthony Villalta2 päivää sitten

    ''I can't wait for this move.

  37. Asia L

    Asia L2 päivää sitten

    OMG it’s like a mix between AHS 1984, AHS Roanoke, and an R-rated RL Stine story (obviously)

  38. Bismo Anugrah YOUN1T

    Bismo Anugrah YOUN1T2 päivää sitten

    the most creepy than Goosebumps and seems like horror thriller 😱😱 since I watched Goosebumps those movies comedy horror and I like it and since now I just watched trailer Fear Street part 1 until part 3 seems like horror thriller and I know it seems like Freddy Krueger nightmare elm street maybe that concept 🤔🤔

  39. Joe Pecora

    Joe Pecora2 päivää sitten

    Yo the books Ghosts of fear street as a kid were mad scary!!

  40. Murat Esen

    Murat Esen2 päivää sitten

    Song ?

  41. R

    R2 päivää sitten

    And this is why I luv Netflix!!!!!

  42. Sugar 'N' Spice Bakeries

    Sugar 'N' Spice Bakeries2 päivää sitten

    yasssssssss bish i cant wait

  43. Bryan (◕દ◕)

    Bryan (◕દ◕)2 päivää sitten

    I saw sadie, i click

  44. Bing Chen

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  45. Rayzify

    Rayzify2 päivää sitten

    ngl i lowkey think the first and second part are gonna be good but idk why I think the third on is gonna be bad

  46. Jasmine Daniel

    Jasmine Daniel2 päivää sitten

    Good job.. Finally, you came back..

  47. Haruhi

    Haruhi2 päivää sitten

    I saw Sadie I clicked


    EMPATHIC PARADOX2 päivää sitten

    Trash upon trash.

  49. KARAN !!

    KARAN !!2 päivää sitten

    I just remembered " wrong turn series" just amazing trailer ❤️

  50. Jaykumar Rathod

    Jaykumar Rathod2 päivää sitten

    Amazing 😍😍

  51. Untalented UnicornPig

    Untalented UnicornPig2 päivää sitten

    OOOOHHH weooww…I have been thinking of reading the whole series of books lately out of nowhere,which is wild to find out they made a series. I read a lot back in the day. A step up from Goosebumps which I blew through as a book worm. I need to reintroduce reading again because I’ve neglected.

  52. sparkle jump rope queen

    sparkle jump rope queen2 päivää sitten


  53. Anowar Hossain Mondal

    Anowar Hossain Mondal2 päivää sitten

    If a girl do not talk with a boy that mean she has not willing to create relation with the boy....

  54. El Musico Chavez

    El Musico Chavez2 päivää sitten

    OH Britta is in this?

  55. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star2 päivää sitten

    the definition of nut

  56. hibah

    hibah2 päivää sitten

    There’s shadyside mall and then there’s starcourt mall

  57. Somebody In this world

    Somebody In this world2 päivää sitten

    Looking forward to it

  58. Yaritzy Serrano Aguilar

    Yaritzy Serrano Aguilar2 päivää sitten

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow its really awesome i need watch this

  59. Nasser ajimi

    Nasser ajimi2 päivää sitten

    The story is great but not well interpretated,they should've put more seriousness and strong flashbacks so the story make sense and is not a stupid one for teenagers

  60. D M

    D M2 päivää sitten

    I seen 1 of the movies and it’s sick! Lol

  61. miscellaneous galaxy

    miscellaneous galaxy21 tunti sitten

    @Mad BABY yes, like for almost every movie ever lol

  62. Mad BABY

    Mad BABY21 tunti sitten

    @miscellaneous galaxy fr?

  63. miscellaneous galaxy

    miscellaneous galaxy23 tuntia sitten

    @Mad BABY some people have early access dude

  64. Mad BABY

    Mad BABYPäivä sitten

    No you didn’t. They aren’t out yet

  65. miscellaneous galaxy

    miscellaneous galaxy2 päivää sitten

    Was there any g a y? ;)

  66. Danny Blau

    Danny Blau3 päivää sitten

    what a dope way to do this.

  67. Kyle Skywalker

    Kyle Skywalker3 päivää sitten

    Chiara Aurelia from Cruel Summer! For the win

  68. Andrea Cole

    Andrea Cole3 päivää sitten

    Omg I'm so excited!!! I grew up on Fear Street books by R.L. Stine and loved them. I'm way more of a scaredy cat now lol. There are some horror movies I can handle and some I can't...but there's no way I'm missing these!!! Can't wait!

  69. Shantel Goggins

    Shantel Goggins3 päivää sitten

    July Really!!!!

  70. Moh Sume

    Moh Sume3 päivää sitten

    Wow! This looks so amazing 🔥 It got vibes

  71. Zalfa Syahira

    Zalfa Syahira3 päivää sitten

    this looks interesting

  72. Arya Singh

    Arya Singh3 päivää sitten

    Why are the movies 18+ 😢

  73. Angelica Cruz

    Angelica Cruz3 päivää sitten

    Yes Maya and Sadie !!!

  74. o

    o3 päivää sitten

    YAAAAS OMG im so nervous abt this film adaptation

  75. Moses Reed

    Moses Reed3 päivää sitten

    They gonna do great have faith in them

  76. Natalia Castillo Glez

    Natalia Castillo Glez3 päivää sitten

    I’m only here for Sadie but this looks really good 😌

  77. Moses Reed

    Moses Reed3 päivää sitten

    Do you even tho what fear street is

  78. Natalia Castillo Glez

    Natalia Castillo Glez3 päivää sitten

    My baby Sadie ☺️

  79. YaBoyPsycho

    YaBoyPsycho3 päivää sitten

    I’m so excited for this! It looks great so far.

  80. Bryant Butler

    Bryant Butler3 päivää sitten

    What book

  81. E Williams

    E Williams3 päivää sitten

    It’s the 70s-80’s nostalgia for me!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  82. SuperMadman48

    SuperMadman483 päivää sitten

    I love Horror!

  83. Chetan

    Chetan3 päivää sitten

    this looks like a mixture of stranger things, the umbrella academy and dark

  84. SleekZ StiGG

    SleekZ StiGG3 päivää sitten

    I'm gonna watch this cuz of max & robin

  85. Gabriel Araujo Ramos

    Gabriel Araujo Ramos3 päivää sitten

    Essa eu assisto mesmo não curtindo tanto TERROR

  86. Merideath Manroe

    Merideath Manroe3 päivää sitten

    DON'T Take A Shot Everytime someone say "Sadie" and "Expanding"....in the comments!

  87. Madhavan

    Madhavan3 päivää sitten

    I see Sadie. I click

  88. Diana Parthanmawii R/N 47

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  89. javier wilson

    javier wilson3 päivää sitten

    omg i can’t wait!!

  90. Mickey Rosa

    Mickey Rosa3 päivää sitten

    Whenever it's R.L. Stine related, I am there!

  91. –мιкα

    –мιкα3 päivää sitten

    Que susto pensei q fosse stranger things KKKKKKA

  92. George V

    George V3 päivää sitten

    Sunnyvale? Where’s Buffy?

  93. I G

    I G3 päivää sitten

    Omg my grade school library books come to life

  94. Alunus

    Alunus3 päivää sitten

    I used to read fear street.

  95. Noel Haynes

    Noel Haynes3 päivää sitten

    N. H. II- Faithful Poems 1 and 2, N. H. II- Poems of Love 1-5, and Noel Haynes II Packages are on FItitle, and you can check them out if you want.

  96. Seth Donaldson

    Seth Donaldson3 päivää sitten

    Who thought this was a Stranger Things Season 4 trailer?


    WTF_ENIGMA3 päivää sitten

    yes \

  98. Katie Bienvenue

    Katie Bienvenue3 päivää sitten

    The fact that the main storyline is from my FAVORITE Fear Street Saga books makes me super eager to see these when they drop!!!!

  99. East 112

    East 1122 päivää sitten

    I know, right?!! The trilogy set were some of my favorite Fear Street books!!

  100. Kaylen Lewis

    Kaylen Lewis3 päivää sitten

    Did I just see Jeanette Turner?

  101. Kit

    Kit3 päivää sitten

    yes! haha

  102. kinghero

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  103. Alexander Watson

    Alexander Watson3 päivää sitten

    Me: excitement based on nostalgic love of the books. Trailer: 0:14 here's some lesbians Netflix: "Of course I stung you - I am a scorpion - it is my nature."

  104. ayo stars

    ayo stars4 päivää sitten

    This is a copy of ahs1984

  105. AllGoodThingsNetwork

    AllGoodThingsNetwork4 päivää sitten

    This looks like a fun time, period. Count me in!

  106. 600firefly1

    600firefly14 päivää sitten

    Another flop 🙄

  107. max macdonald

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  108. BurntToasty

    BurntToasty4 päivää sitten

    This looks awful.

  109. Lizzy Glazier

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  110. Jojo717

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